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Mr. Steve Feldman - Publisher/Owner Floorcovering News 

Oct 19th,2016 | Abbington Banquets | Glen Ellyn, IL

"10 Ideas to Maximize Success in Today's Landscape"

How can we capitalize in business today? Innovation is the buzzword, but innovation is not easy: Procter & Gamble hasn't had a bona fide new product breakthrough since Pampers was introduced in 1963. McDonalds has pioneered numerous breakthrough innovations since its inception in the 1950s, but its last real breakthrough product was McNuggets. There are other answers. We will discuss 10 basic points I tell retailers, distributors and manufacturers they need to think about every single day to run a successful business with illustrations from many other industries. Attendees will come away with their fair share of ideas.

There will be a Q & A short session after the presentation

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